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1,080 tons recycled per year

90 tons recycled per month

Our Mission

We believe that every single bottle out of nature is step forward for a better Mauritius.


For the last 3 years we have been collecting a growing amount of plastic throughout the Island, we believe more and more that collecting plastic right at the source will be the key to reduce the land and ocean waste. Working towards preserving Mauritius is part of our legacy to the future Mauritius generations.

What action are you actually taking towards preserving your legacy?
If None, It’s never too late.

 At Reso Green, we collect 3 to 4 tons of PET materials per day. Suppliers, being both companies and individuals request our logistic services from a daily to a fortnight basis. Collecting from big bags of an average of 40 kgs, our team makes sure the efficiency is optimum on every trip. Would you wish to help the environment? Feel free to get in contact with us?


Once the bottles reach our factory, we make sure no contamination of any sort is added to our end products by carefully hand screening every bottles through a tumbler and a conveyor belt. Once this step is done, we either crush into flakes with a cold friction wash or we compact in ready to ship bales of 220 kgs. Depending on the client colors are often separated for a superior end product.


Being unable to process it further as the volume of the country does not allow to have better equipment, requesting indeed bigger volumes, we export to our clients worldwide.


Reso Up

A collection initiative is in progress on a trial basis in Northern region of the island with some residential areas & individuals in order to collect a maximum of bottles right at the source of consumption



 With a thriving partnership with the ENL group , Reso Green collects a good amount of Moka’s smart city’s PET bottles to produce high-end flakes. These flakes are then sent to Plastinax to produce the first 100 % Local PET sunglasses.

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